Why do some people wear the sacred thread Janeu in Hinduism?

Wearing the sacred thread or the “Janeu” is a standout amongst the most imperative rituals de passage for Hindus. This service of wearing the consecrated string or the “Yagnopavitra” is otherwise called Upanayanam. The Upanayanam function is for the most part connected with the higher caste Hindus. It is obligatory for the Brahmin and the Kshatriya young men to wear the holy string.

The Upanayanam service is normally performed at the age of 7, when the youngster is prepared for tutoring. The string is given to the youngster as a suggestion to the dedication that the kid would stay totally dedicated to learning and training, dodging all diversions. Amid the Upanayanam the kid gets his first lesson of discussing the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ from his dad who turns into his first “Master” or instructor.

Let us tell you more about this unique custom of Upanayanam and what is the importance of it:

The Sacred Thread

The strands of the consecrated string have typical implications. The holy string has three strands. A single man should wear one and only string, a wedded man ought to wear two sacred strings and if the wedded man has a youngster then he wears three strings.

The three strands of the string symbolize three obligations of man which should never be overlooked. They are: The debt of one’s educator. The debt of one’s folks and ancestors. The debt of the scholars.

The three strands of the string likewise symbolize the three Goddesses, Parvati, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. This means that the person becomes complete only with the help of these three deities of strength, wealth and knowledge.

Noteworthiness Of Upanayanam

The strands of the string additionally remain for the virtue of considerations, words and deeds of the wearer. Through the service of Upanayanam, the kid is acquainted with the idea of Brahman and along these lines gets to be qualified to lead the life of a Brahmachari as per the rules of the Manusmriti.

Henceforth, wearing the sacred string, Janeu, is to a great degree critical in Hinduism as it denotes the start of instruction for the kid.


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