These types of People NEVER succeed at work

The workplace is actually like a Fish Market. Why do I say so? Well, there is an explanation. At your office, you will find an amazing type of ‘personalities’ from that man who eats too much, that girl who is always talking about her boyfriend who doesn’t love her, that man who always takes out his iPhone to show photos of his not so adorable kid, this girl who always sits on her desk and isn’t seen anywhere else and the list just goes on and on and so on. Got my point with the fish market?

All of us have a different type of role in our office. Generally, that is unique to our office but sometimes you will find a certain type of people who you will find just about anywhere, in any workplace. And such people have the same type of skills too. Amazing, isn’t it! Out of these people, some will succeed at their work and some won’t & will eventually fail at doing so.

The following are the few people who really ‘stand out’ from the rest. And if in case you don’t know either of them at your office then the chances may be that you are ONE of them! OMG! Read on…

The Innocent Foolish

Don’t be one. PLEASE. Let me give you an example here. When you go to a shop, say a Laptop store, you have a look at various models of different companies. After the asking and telling session, you finally make a choice of which one you really want to buy.

The salesman will tell you that he is giving you the best price for the item you selected. But it’s not in your budget or maybe you didn’t like the price at all. What do you do? You try to negotiate. And if it doesn’t happen you simply walk towards the exit. Then all of a sudden the salesman will come up with discounts which he is giving ‘just to you.’

The same thing applies to your office and your boss too. Never believe them that the company can’t afford a pay hike and are already giving you the highest salary they can give. Also NEVER believe them when they say that this year they are unable to give you a promotion but the next year you will certainly get it. It’s fake. Nothing of such thing actually ever happens. Don’t be an innocent fool, think with your own mind and not with what others tell you to think about.

The Groupies

Like in school, we have groups at our offices too. Don’t we? Be it may be workers working on a particular project or otherwise. Make this a rule – Listen to everyone, do your own. Ok, I agree that at work when you are in a group and working together on a task then you have to listen to others and work accordingly. But never fail to give your own input. Group-Thinking is a psychological problem. Yes, it is.

To be frank it’s very easy to find such people who will tell you ‘no that is not the way to do it’ ‘hey no! that’s not how we always did that’ and the likes. Such people always make complaints when something new happens or something which goes a little way out of the norms they have been following. Just remember you are in the company to make your own standing so it really depends on you how to do things you are supposed to do.

Lastly, if you join the groups then most likely they will give taunt you or do something which will make you frustrated. There is also a high risk of failure too. But if you do not join them then you will be more independent and more presentable to your bosses and others too.

The choice is entirely yours. Which side will you be?

The Fearful

People everywhere when they are scared to do every type of stupid things. It’s quite natural you see. But some people are extra fearful. When things get wrong at the office, they get so fearful that they will try anything to get out of the situation and chances are they might point the finger towards you, blaming you for the same.

If any case you sense the same thing. Something wrong. Something bad. Try to be calm and think patiently about what to do with it. Deal it in a proper and cool way. Don’t press the panic button. Ok. You should also talk to your boss, your friend or anyone else who can help you to do the things right. But if you fear then you lose a lot.

The Loser Lost

There are some people in every office who always are more or less like a loser. Always think that you are a favourite of your boss. Or maybe become you belong to an influential family or maybe have a recommendation from an influential person.

It might be correct in some cases but that doesn’t mean that a recommendation will also get you perks every month. A person can be kept on the job but his salary and the incentives etc will never be given in that manner. Such people are Losers. They don’t want to work elegantly to achieve more but they just sit there and discuss matters amongst themselves.

Stay away from such ones. And don’t you become one of these. Work properly and get your goals, you have to shape them yourself and it should not affect you what others are doing.

The Gossip King or Queen

Everywhere you go you will find the King or the Queen or both of them. Short and simple – Stay Away. If they are gossiping about anyone else, they will gossip about you too. You want to go forward in life and not backward. Always remember this.

So, in the end, all I want to say is that don’t be any one of the above. Stay clear, be sharp in your thoughts. You can only shape your dreams, what you want to do, how to do and what to become. Wish you all the very best.

And yes… If you think of something which can be added in the above list, don’t hesitate to write in the comments.

Thank you


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