Rahul Gandhi mocks Niti Aayog for ZERO cases!

Every country in the world does make some mistakes and nobody can deny this fact. If you remember, when the national lockdown due to covid19 came into being, Niti Aayog was so confident that after May 16, 2020, there will be absolutely no cases left in India. But unfortunately, that did not happen.

It seems that the Niti Aayog and many other offices (even common people) were under the impression that the lockdown will be like some kind of magic and due to that, the virus will vanish from the soil of India.

Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader, also mocked Niti Aayog on this matter because they were the ones that predicted that the lockdown will ensure that India will see no fresh cases after today, May 16, 2020.

Do you think that this will happen? No, not at all. Coronavirus can’t just be stopped from spreading by sitting at home. It is being transferred from person to person at a rapid speed.

Until and unless a successful vaccine is being given to every single person on the planet, it can’t be stopped. And that too will take a lot of time as no vaccine has been developed and according to WHO there is a likelihood that it will take a lot of time, or even worse there won’t be a vaccine for it ever.

WHO also said that covid19 might just not go away and we will have to live with it amongst our community forever.

Rahul tweeted, “The geniuses at Niti Aayog have done it again. I’d like to remind you of their graph predicting the govt’s national lockdown strategy would ensure no fresh Covid cases from tomorrow, May the 16th.”

Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said, “Blatant falsehood and a lie. I have never tweeted this nor is this my slide. Please don’t attribute it to me.”

In one of his conferences earlier (April 16 and May 8, 2020), Rahul was actually right when he kept on insisting that the lockdown is fine and should be implemented but it is actually not a solution to defeat the virus. It can only be used to slow down or pause the virus for some time, but when the lockdown restrictions are lifted it will again start to spread. He also said that there is a need for a comprehensive exit strategy so that the virus does not come back once again.

Sadly this does not look like happening anytime soon. Every single hour we come across so many news stories related to the virus that it is making people nervous and extremely restless.

It is my advice to all of you reading this, don’t panic and just keep yourself busy at all times. And, don’t forget to follow all the precautions so as to save yourself and your family from this deadly virus.

Stay safe and only leave your house if it is very important.


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