Propaganda in the name of Journalism

Switch on the TV and you see this. Read the news on Facebook and you see this. Propaganda is being passed on as news on a daily basis by various media houses like Republic TV and The Wire.

I used to enjoy the 5 PM and 7 PM debates of various news channels, earlier, because of their sheer entertainment quotient. You come back home from a hectic day at the office and these channels provide you with an issue and the people they invite to discuss makes it more enjoyable.

I admit that I used to watch these discussions every day without fail for months, but one day I realised that everything going on is propaganda and nothing else. It does not matter from which political party the debaters came from, Congress or BJP or anyone else, their one and only motive is to let down the other person.

The loudest channel of them all is without any doubt, Republic TV. Both the channels, English and Hindi, are full of programmes with verbal fights and shouting at top of the voices 24×7. Even when there is a simple news bulletin going on then also they literally shout. Initially it was actually enjoyable as you can relate to them on many topics but with time it became clear that this is the biggest propaganda channel.

Now let’s come to some websites. The best example is that of The Wire. Siddharth Varadarajan is the owner of this news & media house. Article after article, the team of Wire, posts so much against the government, the country, people of India, and whatnot. At most times it feels as if they have dipped their pens in poison before writing their posts.

Wire sometimes raises genuine issues like the problem migrant labourers are facing today in the covid19 pandemic, but at other times their main propaganda is to show that Muslims are being ill-treated in India and Hindus are making it difficult for them to live here. This should stop.

There is no denying the fact that there are some people who don’t like Muslims and there are also some people who don’t like Hindus. But the Wire is always trying to demonise Hindus day after day.

We can’t forget the issues they took up when the issue of CAA and NRC was a hot topic. Wire, Scroll, and others, literally tried to encourage our Muslim brothers and sisters to get up and get against the government and India too.

And all this is being done repeatedly in the name of independent journalism. Which it is not. Again, I agree that political parties do advertise their work and agenda on TV channels, print media, etc. Every channel (TV, print, web) is inclined towards a particular mindset. Like for example, Zee News and Republic TV are pro-BJP. Whereas, NDTV is pro-congress.

But what about Wire? They don’t seem to favour any party and that’s a good thing, but they certainly try day and night to bring communal hate. You will never find even a single post of theirs where they have said anything good about the Hindus. They always portray them as demons, as if they are ‘keeping’ Muslims as slaves in the country.

Which country doesn’t have any problems? So does India. But spreading hate by hiding behind journalism is not the right thing to do.

Watch debates on any of the news channels on TV and you will find Hindu and Muslims leaders, spokespersons, etc, literally fighting with each other. This must stop. India is a democratic and secular country. Why is there so much hate for each other? Even at the time of coronavirus pandemic!! This is beyond my understanding.

I want to bring forward one more thing. And it is about The Wire. Now you must be thinking that I’ve some personal vendetta with them or anything like that! Nothing like that. Actually I have been following them for a long time and have noticed that they get the ‘sympathy’ of one community and then shamelessly ask for ’30 Lakhs in 30 days’ from their supporters.

People do fall into their trap. They feel that they are their guardian angels. But are they? Watch any video of theirs on YouTube and there too you will see their true intentions.

I also do not deny that other news houses don’t do this. The people who support BJP obviously talk good about them and at the same time say bad things about others. Same goes for Congress supporters too. But all these discussions should be healthy and certainly not about hurting each other.

So, in the end, all I can say is that every single person who claims to be a journalist is in some or the other way a person who is running his own or his company/party head’s propaganda and nothing else. Nobody is “doodh ka dhula” and that is the fact. Congress, BJP, JDU, TMC, or anyone else, nobody is to be believed blindfolded.

It is recommended that you trust your senses and give it a thorough thought before you believe and forward any WhatsApp message or even a news post by any website including Wire, Indiatimes, etc. Even Rainboz.

Journalism should be Journalism and not Propaganda. News should be accurate and not made up. There is good and bad in every person and every religion, admit it, and reporting of these activities should be balanced and not be done to appease a party or community for your personal gains and propaganda.

Thank you.


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