Learn to live with Coronavirus – 25 Things to help you with that

Covid19 or Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day at a rapid pace in India. When it all started here, everyone thought that India is kind of immune to the virus because of weather conditions, lifestyle, the food (spices) we eat, and more. But that did not happen. The graph is only going higher every day.

The Health Ministry of India has now openly said that we in India (and all over the world) will learn how to live with the virus amongst us. It is also evident now that covid19 isn’t going to go away and will keep on haunting us just like other diseases.

Every year there is a season of the flu, likewise from now onwards we will be seeing coronavirus seasons too. All of us should be prepared for the same and start living according to it and follow all the precautions at all times. Until and unless a proper vaccine is being developed that will guarantee that everything is normal and we can start living our lives the old way.

What all things you need to do on a regular basis after the lockdown is lifted?

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water multiple times a day
  2. Wear a clean mask or fave cover when you go out
  3. Cover your nose and mouth completely
  4. Wear gloves before entering a store
  5. Carry your own bag for supplies
  6. Carry a small sanitizer bottle with you at all times
  7. Maintain social distancing at all times
  8. Do not enter crowded spaces
  9. Only touch what you really need to
  10. Do not touch your face, nose or mouth
  11. Pay using the digital wallet and avoid common machines like ATM etc
  12. Reduce contact with common surfaces
  13. Leave your shoes and bag at the door
  14. Don’t touch anything till you wash your hands
  15. Take a shower and wash clothes worn outdoors
  16. Wipe and sanitize any surfaces that you have touched indoors
  17. Wipe packaged goods and wash vegetables, fruits with water
  18. Sanitize keys, phones, door handles, etc regularly
  19. Opt for contactless delivery
  20. Start buying stuff online and make digital payments, also get delivery at the gate
  21. If you have to go out the gate then don’t forget to wear a mask and gloves
  22. Wipe packaged products with sanitizer. Fruits etc should only be washed with water
  23. Don’t touch anything after handling packages. Wash your hands
  24. Dispose of the packaging material quickly. Don’t save it for later use
  25. Install the Aarogya Setu app on your phone to stay informed

It is strange, rather alarming, to see that people are still not taking coronavirus seriously. I can understand that it is extremely difficult for us to stay indoors at all times, but at the same time, every person should understand the severity of the pandemic. If there is absolutely no need of going outside the house then it is much safer to stay indoors.

Things won’t be the same anytime soon or maybe never. Wearing masks, social distancing, etc will become a normal routine of every human. We all should be prepared with dealing with covid19. Yes, I know that it is kind of scary but it is also a fact which nobody can deny.  If any single person fails to follow the ‘rules’ of shielding himself from the virus then he can get infected so easily and then spread the virus furthermore to even more people.

Talks about Herd Immunity are going around. Again, I agree that with time this will be necessary, but now is not the time for that. Even the Government of India and other countries are much aware of this but currently, the situation is such that nothing much can be done. There are no medicines or any treatment for covid19. Doctors are doing the best that they can do.

Scientists all over the world are spending day and night working on a quick remedy for this deadly virus which originated in Wuhan, China. Though many vaccines and medicines are being developed and some are in the trial stages too, but the scientists and doctors have been clear that the end product will take time to hit the markets. In fact, it is being said that this is the first time that a vaccine is being developed at such a quick speed. Generally, a vaccine takes about 10 or more years!

So dear readers, in the end, all I can say is stay at home as much as possible. Follow all the points that I have mentioned above. Stay safe! Take care.


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