How to solve Media Offline issue in Da Vinci Resolve on Windows?

So you do video editing or maybe you are learning it or maybe you just shifted to a Windows laptop from a Mac just like me. And the best free software for video editing on the Windows platform is undoubtedly Da Vinci Resolve.

You must have noticed that the moment you import a video shot from a high-end camera or a Go Pro or even a video shot on something like an iPhone XS, it starts to show this horrible ‘reddish’ type of error box with Media Offline written in it.

It shows up all over the place – timeline, video preview, video/media library, etc. So in such a scenario what comes to your mind? I made a huge mistake of shifting to Windows. Right? Saying because the same thought came to mind too.

Don’t worry. I am here to help you in this regard.

The image above shows how it actually looks inside Da Vinci Resolve.

When I first this I was so much annoyed that I simply can’t express it in words. Yes really!

I tried to search the web but didn’t find anything worth it. I did find some plugins for solving this problem but they were quite expensive for such a thing. So I simply ignored them. Literally cursing myself that why I changed my main computer. But my main grudge with MacOS is that it’s so ‘light’ and featureless.

Unlike Windows, which I have been using since childhood (never did video editing on it) but my main work computer for about 10 years is a MacBook. I recently only started to work on Final Cut Pro X and found it really good and straightforward.

Anyways, a lot of stories have been told, so now let’s go straight to the point.

So what you have to do is simply click on the link provided below and it will open Microsoft Store and ask you to download HEVC Video Extensions From Device Manufacturer. It’s just about a 5-6mb file. This will solve every issue of high-efficiency videos that you have shot on your camera or smartphone.

Once this is installed on your Windows 10 system you just have to reimport, if required, all the files to your Da Vinci Resolve’s timeline and all such Media Offline errors will vanish away! Like magic! Ok not like that.

Below is a video of the same (English and Hindi) where I have explained everything in detail. Watch that too.



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