How to record video from front and back cameras on an iPhone?

I saw some videos on YouTube, vlogs and tutorials to be precise, where the person was filming himself and the thing he was doing at the same time. An instant thought came to my mind that the person might be using 2 cameras to record it. And in most cases that is true.

I don’t have a DSLR (I had Nikon 5300, but I sold it as it was heavy and I never used it) or an action camera (I used to have Osmo Action 1, but again sold it) with me so I thought it would be so great that if I can do the same with my iPhone.

When this thought came to my mind I was using iPhone 11 Pro. I actually used it only for a brief period and then came down to iPhone XS. So I did some research and came to know that the new version of an app called Filmic Pro can do that. But it is quite costly and moreover I use the camera way too less. Almost never.

So I made some searches online but did not find anything worth. Then I came across this app, Dualgram and Mix Cam. Both of these apps are free (with paid upgrades to remove watermark). Dualgram is what I chose as it has more features for free then what Mix Cam gives.

These apps are iOS exclusive. I know that you will say that Android has a number of free apps that provides similar features, but I don’t care. Why? Because I simply hate android. This hate is not because of the OS. It is indeed quite good. But what I love about iOS is how it looks, the overall polish of the operating system and bundled apps like dialer, messages and more. Also, the developers make such beautiful apps for iOS. The same can’t be said about android.

So guys and gals, if you want to record videos from both front and back cameras at the same time then you can download either of the apps I told you, Dualgram or Mix Cam from the Appstore on your iPhone.

I forgot to mention this earlier, this app will only work with iPhone X and later because it needs dual cameras. I’m not sure whether it will work with iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus since they both have dual cameras. So if you have those phones then you can always download and check, the apps are free.


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