How to take care of MacBook Pro Hardware?

Apple products are costly and we all know that very well. Especially those who have had some bad experiences with their devices which includes banging it against a wall, scratching, dropping or breaking it completely.

MacBook’s are well-constructed laptops but since they are made up of aluminum they can very easily get dented and scratched. So for this, I strongly ‘request’ you to take good care of your costly investment.

How you can protect your MacBook hardware?

Taking care of your MacBook Air or Pro is fairly easy. All you have to is pick up some good habits like keeping the laptop lightly on the desk or wherever you are placing it. It not only avoids scratches but also reduces the chances of accidentally falling it down.

Other than this, I would recommend you to get your MacBook’s or any other devices laminated with a sticker/skin so that you can protect it against scratches. I have got my own MacBook Pro covered with this matte finish sticker/skin/lamination from all three sides – top lid, bottom and the inside area around the keyboard and the trackpad.

Do not get the keyboard and the trackpad laminated as it may spoil it and also the typing and scrolling experience gets kind of ‘stupid.’

If you want to make your laptop stand out then you may consider buying some printed skins.

You may also stick some stickers on the top lid, but don’t forget to get it laminated before that because the gum from these stickers might leave some permanent marks there.

Other than this, you may consider buying a clear hard case for your MacBook. In the video below you can see that I am using a matte black soft-touch finish tough shell hard case. It is actually amazing. It is made of hard plastic and it covers almost all of the laptop and hence protects it if in case you accidentally drop it or bang it somewhere on your desk or while you travel.

Some people also apply a screen protector on screens too. This again helps in avoiding scratches. But the tradeoff here is that it does affect a little bit with the colours.

Another accessory that many people use is a keyboard skin. It is basically a rubber skin that is a soft touch. You just place it above the keyboard and it helps in keeping the dust away. It also helps protect the keyboard from oily fingers. Some people like it and some don’t. If you ask me then I don’t but it is highly recommended.

Last but not least you should get a laptop sleeve or a bag that has good cushioning. This helps you to keep your machine secure and also at the same time allows you to carry your accessories and other stuff easily. I would recommend a small and lightweight sleeve cum bag. I personally have the one listed below, so you may check that out too.

These are a few things that you can do to keep your laptop, your precious MacBook Air’s and Pro’s hardware safe and secure.


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