How to open PayPal account on your phone

I am sure that you know what PayPal is. Right? Ok in case you don’t know about it still, then let me tell you in short. It is basically a type of ‘online bank’ where you can add your existing bank cards and bank accounts to make payments, receive payments (both personal and business), purchase stuff from websites (wherever applicable) and more.

The fact is that it used to be even more popular worldwide when it used to be associated with eBay. But it still is very powerful because it’s so easy to transfer money from one place to another, especially from one country to another, and also to make purchases like say web hosting, etc.

PayPal has different rules for different nations as per the local rules and regulations. Like for example in India, you can’t keep payments in your PayPal account. If you receive money from someone, direct or business payments, then that money is transferred to your bank account the same very day and that too automatically. Also, you can’t make purchases with your balance amount. This kind of sucks!

But we can’t blame PayPal entirely for this because after all they are a company and have to abide by the country rules to exist.

Anyways. Let’s talk about how you can create an account on PayPal with the help of your smartphone. First of all, you need is PayPal itself. You can go to the website too on your phone but here we are talking exclusively about the app. And moreover, it’s easier this way to manage things in the long run.

Please watch the video below where I have explained it thoroughly about how you can create a PayPal account very quickly.


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