How to increase or decrease Text Size in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular internet browser. Whether you are using Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux or anything else, Chrome is available on all platforms. Even on Android and iOS.

Well, I am sure you already know about this fact. What I personally like about Chrome is that it is available on all platforms so it is so easy to sync tabs, history, passwords, usernames, bookmarks, and even extensions (ok extensions are still not available on iOS and iPadOS).

You must have come across some webpage where the text might be small for you to read it comfortably. So this is when you want it to be a little bit bigger so that it is easier to read.

On smartphones, it is so easy to just pinch and zoom. But what do you do on a computer or a laptop? Let us see…

Zooming Method #1: Ctrl+Mouse

mouse wheel

On your computer simply hold down the Ctrl key and rotate the scroll wheel of your mouse. If you scroll upwards it will zoom in and if you scroll downwards then it will zoom out. You will also see a reset button once you start scrolling. This reset button will help to bring the view of the page as it was intended by the developer of the website you are on.

Zooming Method #2: Menu

menu zoom option

In the menu section of Chrome, you will simply see Zoom written there. Besides that you will see – and + buttons. You simply click on either of these buttons and make text small or big as per your needs.

Zooming Method #3: Keyboard

Another easy way to zoom in and out is to use the Ctrl+Plus (Ctrl++) to zoom in and Ctrl+Minus (Ctrl+-) to zoom out. Again you will see the reset button once you do the key combination(s).

NOTE? On macOS, you press the Command key instead of Ctrl for any of the method stated above.

See how simple it is to zoom in and out and reset the view back to normal.


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