How To Create A Company Website Using WordPress On Your Own

The modern trend of Business is being online. Online presence is as much important as being offline. So in order to achieve this one of the most important tasks is to ensure that you have a great looking website which is user-friendly, is good to look at, provides all the details and so on. Everyone and every business need a web home today to reach a wider audience.

Most of the people today rely entirely on search engines like Google and Bing to search for service providers. If they don’t find a business online, they simply skip it. People find reviews about them and then decide that is it any good for them or not. Online presence is so important that almost every company has a website today. But if you are reading this then there is a probability that you still don’t have a website or are looking to create one for your own.

As technology has advanced, the tools to create a perfect website have also become easier yet much more powerful. Good old HTML is still the basic way to a good looking website. But in today’s world, it lacks a lot. You need to add codes and javascript etc to get what you want. And still, the outcome might not be what you desire for. Adding feedback forms for an example is still a tricky thing. So the perfect solution for all this is definitely WordPress. As I always say WordPress is a piece of PHP Art.

(Getting a website built from a freelancer or a design company can create big holes in your pocket. I’m not saying that everyone is the same, but generally, they ask for sky-high prices. You can negotiate with them and see how much discount you can get.)

Let’s see how you can create an outstanding Company Website using Free Themes & Plugins on your own.

Let’s see how you can create an outstanding Company Website using Free Themes & Plugins on your own.

1) Get yourself a Domain name and Hosting first. This is required to set up any website. You can work offline using tools available for this, but I suggest going online and doing work there as it is simpler doing so. You can book domain and get hosting from BlueHost.

2) Choose the perfect theme for your company website. You can get a huge number of free themes for your project. Following is a list of the best free corporate themes available today.

The Monday

The Monday, is a free responsive WordPress business theme with one-page parallax scrolling. It is a modern theme, which meets the needs of today’s design language. It is completely customizer based which makes it so much easier for you to create a company website quickly and you can see the final result with live previews.

It is a multipurpose theme for any type of business or freelancer. One can easily and quickly customize the theme and create a professional website. It is compatible with all major web browsers and is ready for translation.


Zincy Lite

Zincy Lite is a wonderful business WordPress theme with a great variety of modern theme features. It not only has a simple and clean design to suit any type or size of business, but it is also fully customizer based with an option to live preview the changes, design, settings as soon as you make. This comes in very handy.

As it is a 100% responsive theme, so it adapts well to any type of device ranging from the smartphones to desktops. It is compatible with all the major WordPress plugins and browsers. Not to forget that it is well optimized for SEO too.



Bizlight is one of the best looking WordPress business theme. It is a user-friendly and simple theme, which can be easily customized without using any codes.

Bizlight is fully responsive theme built on Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3. It is compatible with all the major web browsers and ready for translation.



Shapely is a terrific WordPress theme which is retina-ready. It features stunning graphics, vibrant colours, and sharp text. Vectorized icons will look absolutely gorgeous on high-resolution displays. It is also Woocommerce ready so that you can sell products too. It is not an over complex design and hence keeps it simple with a streamlined and efficient one-page format.

The theme is based on Bootstrap and is compatible with iPhones, Windows, Mac, Android and everything else. It is responsive in nature.


Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite might be one of the most popular WordPress themes today. So many people use it. Why? It is well made, has good support and provides all the necessary tools and options to create a good business website. It has a modern design and has a clean one-page interface. The theme also has many premium features like several custom widgets, parallax scrolling, portfolio, testimonial section and much more.

You will be astonished to see how quickly it loads up in any browser.


3) Plugins are a major part of any WordPress website as they extend the functionality to a greater level. But what all plugins are needed or should be used in a business website?

Contact Form 7 – As the name suggests it is a Contact Form plugin. It is simple yet very powerful.

Portfolio – If your selected theme already has a portfolio functionality then you may skip this. Portfolio Gallery is a great plugin for adding specialized portfolio galleries, video portfolio gallery of just a gallery with single images.

Location Maps – In order to tell your clients that how they can locate and reach you easily, you need a maps plugin. This is one of the most used plugins which is quite easy to use.

Testimonial Rotator – Adding testimonials is easy but rotate them is not so. Try this to add testimonials to your website.

Team Members – Want to showcase your team members in an elegant way on your website? This is one of the best plugins to achieve it.

bbPress – If you want to add a Help Forum then this plugin will come in handy. It is made by the nice folks at WordPress and is fully compatible with it.

Jetpack – This is again a plugin from the makers of WordPress. It is basically a collection of useful plugins which help in speeding up your website, website stats, making it hack-proof (somewhat), increase traffic and more. Also has a number of additional widgets which comes handy.

Optimize Database After Deletion – WordPress has this habit of creating a number of post revision copies. Though it is a very good feature as it saves them if something goes wrong and then you can easily recover it. But it does not delete them on it own. For this, this particular plugin is very helpful. It optimizes the database and deletes all old copies of revisions.

4) Assuming that you already know how to work in WordPress, it is quite easy to set up a website using the themes and plugins from the above list.

Here is a wonderful video where you can learn how to build a WordPress website, step by step. It is very informative and really nice.

But what all should be included in a Company/Business Website? Let us see…

  1. Homepage
  2. About Us
  3. Services
  4. Client List (if needed)
  5. Projects
  6. Online Shop (if needed)
  7. Feedback Form
  8. Location Map
  9. Contact Address, Phone & Fax Numbers, Email ID’s
  10. Media Releases etc

Normally this is an adequate list, but it may vary from business to business.

Think of something else? Do let us know in the comments below and we will include them here.

Thanks for reading. Wish you all the very best.


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