Bigotry & Hate – When will we be free from that?

It is disheartening to see that even today in 2020, we are hating each other with such things. This is a story of Rebita Devi, a bodybuilder from Manipur. After the situation of coronavirus started to worsen in India and the lockdown began, she was stranded in Mumbai. This is where it all began.

For a few days she managed to live in a hotel room but then as time went by, it became extremely difficult for her to afford to stay there as it was quite costly. She only came to Mumbai to collect an Award and to attend some meetings. She wasn’t able to go back to her home as the borders between the states were closed.

The civic authorities came forward to help her and also arranged her with a place to stay. She is indeed very thankful to them for helping her in this situation.

But… some people did not stop targetting her because she is from Manipur and her features are such that she looks Chinese. This is not the first time that such a thing happened in India. Earlier too many students from the northeast have been targetted due to their looks. Such a shame, really!

Bigotry & Hate - When will we be free from that? 1

Rebita, to make her life easier, decided to cut short her hair and started posing as a male because of her solid and muscular build as she is a bodybuilder.

If such things of bigotry and hate continue to happen even today then it is a big failure on our part. Nature has given us ample time (due to covid19 and lockdown) to think about the things we do on a daily basis. A person should never be harassed due to the way he looks, what he wears, his complexion, the religion he follows, which community he belongs to, and so on.

The year is 2020 but coming across such type of news on a regular basis is really disheartening and shameful at the same time. Why is there so much hate for people who are our own? What difference does it make if someone is from Punjab or Assam or Mizoram or from Kashmir? India is one and we Indians are one. If such hate continues to flourish then how can we stand against the forces that are against India?

This lockdown, every single one of us must think about it and start loving others the way they are. Don’t forget that if you feel that the others are different then who you are, then for them you are also different. Not everyone looks the same, dresses the same way, eat and talk the same way.

India is a country with various religions and traditions and let us let it be that way only. Stop the hate and start living a life full of love and the sense of helping each other.

Thank you.


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