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DO NOT Do This On Your Website, No Matter What

In today‚Äôs age and time, we are all on the Internet, the World Wide Web. We come across various new software, apps, games, and websites on a daily basis. Some apps and websites we use regularly like Facebook, Twitter, Rainboz, NYtimes and so on. But…

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Top 8 Resources for Free Stock Photos for Commercial Use

Everyone needs images for their websites and their print materials like visiting cards, brochures, etc. Most importantly we look for free stock photos for commercial use. To legally use images either you have to click them yourself using a DSLR camera or hire someone to…

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Graphics Designer – Website Ideas

Are you a Graphic Designer? Do you a great number of designs that are just taking up space on your hard drive? Why not sell them and make some cash? Let us discuss it. People love getting new and unique designs for their websites, t-shirts,…

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How to Make Money from WordPress Services

WordPress is the most loved CMS today. Most of the people still call it a Blogging platform. Though it is correct to say so, it has diversified itself so much that it is now a full-fledged Content Management System of its own. You can find…

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Which WordPress Plugins should I use? The Must Have List

WordPress is the leading content management system today and is being used by millions of websites and blogs worldwide. As you know that every WordPress user has access to a vast range of plugins, free and paid, ready to install and use on their websites….

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Top 3 Best Web Hosting Providers Today

If you want to set up a website or maybe looking for a new Web Host then you need a web hosting service that not only fits your budget but also provides ample space for a website, emails, etc. Not only that, you need it…

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How to install a WordPress Theme and which mistakes to avoid

WordPress is a digital art in itself. Hundreds and thousands of people work on a website/blog powered by WordPress on a daily basis as it is simple to use and yet powerful enough to make highly complex websites. Installing a WordPress theme can be overwhelming…